MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small (~22 nucleotides in length) non-coding RNAs, which negatively regulate protein coding genes at the posttranscriptional level. These tiny regulators have been associated to almost all known physiological and pathological processes. Functional defects in miRNAs have been implicated in the etiology of many forms of human diseases, particularly in cancers. Apoptosis, autophagy and programmed necrosis are three distinct yet intimately connected functional modules of programmed cell death (PCD). Apoptosis is the most extensively investigated cell death subroutine. After decades of studies, the molecular features and signal pathways modulating apoptosis have been resolved in great details. Autophagy is usually considered as a cytoprotective mechanism in maintaining cellular homeostasis and proper stress responses. Besides, recent studies reveal that it can promote cell death under certain circumstances. Previously, necrosis was thought as an uncontrolled type of cell death, nevertheless, its programmed nature and the genetic components are continually identified recently.

    In the past few years, increasing evidences suggested that aberrant expression of miRNAs regulate different subroutines of PCD. Exploring the roles of miRNAs in PCD network has attracted interests of researchers from a wide range of areas. Therefore, a knowledge depository, which integrates information for both miRNAs and their targets in PCD network, will be of great help. For this reason, we developed miRDeathDB(, which allows users to browse, search and analyze the PCD associated miRNAs. Importantly, by integrating and investigating these data with other resources, a global picture of miRNA-mediated PCD network is emerging.

News: The new version ncRDeathDB 2.0 is online now


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